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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Butterfly Has a Bee

Last year while we were on vacation in Oregon visiting family, Leo was stung by a bee for the first time. Twice in one day! Poor guy. Ever since then, any "owie" in our house has been known as a "bee." For example, if I stub my toe and the kids wonder why I am standing in the corner writhing in pain, I explain that I "have a bee."

This weekend when we were playing outside a beautiful monarch butterfly fluttered into our backyard and landed on the grass. I thought, great! The kids will briefly get to see a butterfly close up. Leo was extra excited because his class at school is raising butterflies (I guess for now they are caterpillars). Anyway he is quite interested in butterflies, as is Ellie.

But then the butterfly just sat there, moving just slightly, enough for me to know that it was still alive, but to the point that I thought, Oh great, the kids get to watch a butterfly die up close and in person. (Spoiler for those adverse to sad animal tales (me): everything turned out ok in the end)

I'm glad this story had a happy ending. Maybe the butterfly was just tired. I know the feeling.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Reunited And It Feels So Good

I haven’t had a chance to update everyone on the riveting case of the lost Dog. Leo’s beloved stuffed dog (who we just recently finally named “Dot”) went missing a few weeks ago). It was sad. Leo loved that thing. He would tuck it under his arm and carry it around, he often slept with it, he liked to try and feed it (I can't tell you how many times I had to throw it in the washing machine after having its nose covered in ketchup). After it went missing, every hour or so Leo would pathetically call out “Dog?” He helped me look for it. We scoured the playroom, opened every drawer in the house (Leo likes to hide things), I turned over couch cushions. Nothing.

And so I figured I would buy Leo a new one (I have no idea where this dog originally came from, in fact I think he swiped it from daycare). I scanned Google images for what felt like hours, trying different combinations, “spotted black dog Gund” (I thought it was made by Gund, turns out it was Ty) and “black and white dalmation stuffed dog.” I don’t recall what combination finally worked but what a thrill when the entire page of Google images brought up this smiling face:

I have to say, I just love the Internet. I mean, really. To think that on Tuesday morning I was on the phone with a sweet little old lady who owns a gift shop in Arlington Texas, who vowed to ship my order that same day when I told her my tale of woe, of my little boy and his lost, beloved Dog. And by Thursday afternoon, there was this:

Don’t mind me as I tell Leo some hair brained story about how Dog had to take a trip (sometimes when I talk to the kids stuff just comes out of my mouth and I don’t know where it came from).

I think he’s fine with this Dog, don't you?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leo Raps

This morning when we were leaving the house I warned Leo about the ice on the steps (leftover from the 17 snow storms we've had so far this year). At the same time, Ellie was squirming in my arms and telling me "wa, wa." Yeah, she's in this nervy independent phase where she wants to walk to the car now. With Leo's predilection for bolting into the street or the neighbor's yard, not to mention his love of taunting the dog into making a break for it, letting Ellie walk to the car is not terribly convenient, trust me.

Then Leo starting saying "Ellie wa." I told him that no, Ellie couldn't walk to the car because she's a baby and there's ice on the stairs.

And then of course, the awesome Vanilla Ice song got stuck in my head and then I thought that Leo needed to learn it too. And so without further ado I give you:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ellie in Action

Watch out. I just figured out how to post videos so prepare to be tortured. This one is short. I took it about a month ago of Ellie taking her first tentative steps. Don't worry, more to come. By the way, she is walking about twice as fast and sturdy now, compared to what she was doing in this video.

Leo and Ellie in action

I took this the morning after the birthday party. There were balloons everywhere. The house was a bit of a wreck. Hearing myself I feel like I am constantly critical of Leo. Hmm, might need to work on that. I think that I am just concerned because he can sometimes be a little rough with Ellie. It's interesting to hear the differet tones you use with different people.
Anyway, here you go.